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The idea for this blog came from the desire to make our family history interesting and relevant to my family members who don't get excited about the latest US Census Record find (pretty much everyone but me)! And so, this blog communicates the stories of our ancestors by telling about the heirlooms and photographs that have been passed down through the generations. Getting to know them through the stories of their stuff! Something as simple as a rock gathered from a creek on a vacation or my children's blankets from when they were tiny mean more to me than any expensive item that can be purchased from a store. Here's a great example: there's a paperweight on my desk at the church where I work.  My Mom gave me that paperweight when I went to work at my first job.  That paperweight has been on every desk I have worked at since then. Yep, it's a 36 year old paperweight.  Its physical appearance reflects the time it was made but the sentiment is always contemporary..."God made you one of a kind!"  I would be hard pressed to part with that item, something small and inexpensive, (and pretty much obsolete in this digital world!) but a monument to a very important relationship. I am very grateful for the privilege of possessing the family heirlooms that I have been entrusted with and I long to know the stories of each of my ancestors.  So, here we go, and if you are a part of my family I am hoping you share the stories of your family heirlooms as well.  I welcome, encourage, and am counting on guest contributors!

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