Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sentimental Sunday: The Story of the Peach

Sentimental Sunday, a Geneabloggers blog prompt...

This story has been told over and over again to my generation by those of us whose fathers and mothers are descendants of Mary Jane Shepherd Thomas and John Griffin Thomas. Here's my mother's version. Thomas descendants, how does this match up with the version you've been told?

The Story of the Peach, as told by Eucebia Jane Thomas:
"At the home of Big Mother and Pap (John Griffin Thomas), there was a peach tree just beginning to bear fruit and there was one peach that was almost ready but still hanging on the tree. Well.......all of a sudden it was discovered that someone had taken a bite out of the peach while it still clung to the tree.  At that point, Big Mother called all the children out into the yard, lined them up and holding a flat iron in her hand declared that she was going to throw the iron up in the air and the Lord would let it fall on the head of the guilty one.  With that, Lois stepped forward and said she was not going to get her brains knocked out over a peach, so she had to take the punishment.  It was not until years later that Daniel Claude (D.C., my father) confessed to having climbed the tree and taken a bite out of the luscious, ripening peach!"
The players: 
The Mom, Mary Jane Shepherd Thomas
Some of the Thomas boys:
Jim (17), Dessie (15), Fisher (11), Charlie (9), John Roy (4), Daniel  (2)
The Culprit
The Fall Girl
Mary Jane Shepherd Thomas and her children.