Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fearless Females: Family Recipe

Women's History Month...Fearless Females blog prompt for today: Share a favorite recipe from your mother or grandmother’s kitchen. Why is this dish your favorite?

Isabelle Hume Mood
Our favorite family recipe is Sweet Potato Souffle, a.k.a. Cama's Sweet Potatoes. "Cama," as she was know to our children (her 8th and 10th grandchildren) was my husband's mother, Isabelle Hume Mood. I could get all mushy here and tell you about how she was as "sweet" as this dish but let's just suffice it to say that I could not have dreamed of a kinder, more loving and gentle mother-in-law. I think I can safely speak for her entire family when I say that no matter what really immature or just down right ridiculous things we did, she always encouraged us and was quick with a smile. Her hero quality: unconditional love! She was a special lady who endured great loss over her lifetime but also saw great joy. Check the family recipe page for a transcribed copy of the recipe, and look for more about Isabelle in future posts!

Cama's Sweet Potatoes are a favorite at our
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners.
One taste you you will know why!

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