Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fearless Females: My First Heirloom

Women's History Month...Fearless Females blog prompt of the day: Describe an heirloom you inherited from a female ancestor.  

This lovely Old Colony/Open Lace depression glass butter dish is the first family heirloom I remember receiving. Funny how something once considered a low quality item that was given away with food or gasoline purchases has become so collectible! My aunt, Phyllis Margaret Thomas (Pinder) gave me the dish one year for my birthday. Aunt Phyllis had been given the dish by her aunt (her mother's sister), Winnie Estelle Silas (Lowrance). I did not know Aunt Winnie but I sure did know my Aunt Phyllis, there will be more about her in a post later this month...she's my "social butterfly!"

Winnie Estelle Silas (Lowrance)

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