Sunday, May 26, 2013

Military Monday: Remembering Nathan Braddy

And so, after a week of looking at ancestors who served in the Civil War, today, Memorial Day, we'll look at the one ancestor which I have uncovered who died during the war. Nathan Braddy was one of the first generation of soldiers to be honored on Decoration Day or, as we know it, Memorial Day.


REGIMENT: 48th Georgia
RANK: Corporal

ENLISTMENT DATE: March 4, 1862

Nathan is my 3rd great grandfather....long way back and not much is known other than small tidbits gathered from US Census records and his Civil War record. Here's what is pretty sure however, Nathan died of Typhoid Fever in Richmond, Virginia, after serving with the Confederacy for only five months.

In the five months that Nathan served, the 48th Georgia saw heavy action in the Battle of Seven Pines, the Seven Days Battles, and Battle of Cold Harbor all of which took place in northern Virginia. 

BORN: about 1831
DIED: July 24, 1862

PARENTS: Believed to be Cullen Braddy and Mariah Thigpen Braddy

SPOUSE: Nancy______

CHILDREN: Mary (abt. 1833-
                       Hillary (abt. 1835-
                       Martilla (abt. 1842-
                       Madelon (abt. 1853-

RELATIONSHIP: Angie Abbate (Mood)
                                  Eucebia Jane Thomas (Abbate)
                                   Mildred Arlene Silas (Thomas)
                                     John Franklin Silas, Jr.
                                       Madelon Braddy (Silas)
                                          Nathan Braddy

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